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Lyrics Born

US/Pakistan Relations after the Air Strike

Last Tuesday, American air and artillery strikes killed 11 Pakistani paramilitary soldiers, in the midst of conflict on the Afghan border, aggravating already-tense relations between the two countries. US officials responded to the attack by saying they regretted the loss of Pakistani life but justified the attack as a "legitimate strike." What does this mean for the future of US/Pakistani relations? Also how does the new government and the on-going lawyer's movement in Pakistan play into this? To gain insights on this story, we are joined by Professor SAHAR SHAFQAT, a professor at St. Mary's College in Maryland.


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Lyrics Born's new album: "Everywhere at Once"

LYRICS BORN was a founding member of Quannum Projects out of the Bay Area and has been working with artists on the label, including Blackalicious and Lateef since 1995. He made his mark with his first solo album "Later that Day," released in 2003. His incorporation of hip hop, rock, funk and soul gave listeners something innovative to listen to. He released his 3rd studio album, "Everywhere at Once" on April 22nd, 2008 on Epitaph/Anti- Records. The album is the first studio release to feature members of his live band and also features Chali 2na, Joyo Velarde and hip-hop producers Jake One and Trackademicks. We will play tracks from Lyrics Born's new album throughout the show before he joins us to discuss the album and his music.



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