Shows: December 16, 2008

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Tariq Ali
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TARIQ ALI on Pakistan and the U.S.

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Once again Pakistan is headline news in America. Every day now since the Mumbai attacks of late November the front pages of our leading papers have carried stories about the Bush administrationís attempts to lean on the Asif Ali Zardari regime in Pakistan, which is seen as a fount of terrorism, extremism, and ineffectual governance. Since August the U.S. has sent remotely piloted aircraft into northern Pakistan and bombed the country more than two dozen times. Out of Washington, we increasingly hear talk of Pakistan being the site of the next American war. And itís popular in American policy circles these days to hear Pakistan called the most dangerous country in the world.

Pakistan is the sixth-largest nation in the world, the only Islamic state with nuclear power. It is at the fulcrum of American foreign policy in a region thatís become the fulcrum of the American empire. And yet, for Americans it may be one of the least truly covered, least understood, and least intelligently discussed places in the world. The new book by TARIQ ALI attempts to remedy that woeful situation. Itís called The Duel: Pakistan on the Flight Path of American Power. Tariq Ali joins us tonight for an extended conversation about The Duel, about Pakistan, and about this charged political moment.


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