Shows: December 19, 2011

Photo for 'Grandmothers' 1000th Cry for Japan Redress'

Grandmothers' 1000th Cry for Japan Redress

Last week, survivors of Japanese military sexual slavery during WWII - also known as "comfort women" - staged their 1000th protest outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul. The women, now in their 80's and 90's, have been protesting outside the embassy every Wednesday for the past 20 years to demand an apology and redress from the Japanese government for its past war crimes. Lee Ok-sun (age 84) and Lee Yong-su (age 83) traveled to New York from South Korea last week to deliver petitions for redress to the Japanese Mission to the United Nations. APF producer, Hyun Lee, sat down with the two grandmothers to hear their story of surviving sexual slavery at comfort stations during WWII.

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Terrifying Muslims by Junaid Rana

In Terrifying Muslims, Junaid Rana, an Associate Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois, tracks the racialization of Islam historically and the implications for the South Asian diaspora since September 11th. In the book, Rana focuses specifically on Pakistani workers and their experience of the global War on Terror through the lens of migration from Lahore to Dubai and New York City. Last month, APF producer, Silky Shah, interviewed Rana about the book and discussed the historical relationship between race and religion, the aftermath of 9/11 for South Asian migrants, and the current geopolitical space Pakistan holds in the global War on Terror.


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