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Race and the Elections: A Roundtable Discussion

From his earliest days on the campaign trail in 2008 to the recent Democratic and Republican National Conventions, race and discussions of race have shaped Obama's candidacy, his presidency, and the current elections. The first African American elected to the office, Obama has usually avoided addressing race directly at the same time that race continues to influence the ways in which his tenure and policies are judged. As politics grows increasingly partisan and violence against racial and racialized groups, including Muslims and Sikhs, appears to be on the rise, we'll hear from a panel of commentators to analyze race and the ways in which it is understood and deployed within the context of contemporary politics.


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Locating the Sacred Festival in NYC

This week, the Asian American Arts Alliance convenes Locating the Sacred, a twelve-day festival that brings visual and performing artists into public and private spaces, from churches to gardens to schools. In locales throughout the city, participants aim to bring communities together, highlight our shared histories, and explore the question of the "sacred." We'll be joined by Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, whose spoken-word poetry theater project, Say You Heard My Echo, explores the lives of three fictional Asian American women and their spirituality a decade after 9/11 and was commissioned by the festival, as well as by performers YaliniDream and Adeeba Rana.


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