Shows: December 24, 2012

Photo for 'Bracing for Five More Years of Conservative Rule – South Korea after the Election'

Bracing for Five More Years of Conservative Rule – South Korea after the Election

Park Geun-hye, daughter of military dictator Park Jung-hee and the leader of the conservative New Frontier Party, narrowly beat Democrat Moon Jae-in in the recent South Korean presidential election. What will five more years of conservative rule mean for South Korea’s labor and agricultural sectors? How are progressives in South Korea preparing to weather the next five years under the dictator’s daughter? Wol-san Liem of the Korean Federation of Public Services and Transportation Workers Unions shares her assessments on APF.


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Basketball Replay – Pioneer Wat Misaka

Long before Linsanity, there was Wat Misaka – the first person of color to play in the NBA and point guard for the Knicks in 1947. Only 5 foot 7, he was the first draft pick for the Knicks and rose to stardom at a time when the rest of the Japanese American community was being driven into internment camps at the point of a gun. As another bball season heats up, we replay our interview with 88-year old Misaka, who talked about race, sports, and breaking the color barrier. For all you hoop fans out there, this one’s for you.


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