Shows: April 1, 2013

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Bengali Harlem

Documentary filmmaker and author Vivek Bald joins us to discuss his new book, Bengali Harlem. Bald traces the lives of South Asian silk peddlers and merchant seamen who settled within communities of color in New Orleans, Detroit and Harlem, shedding light on the forgotten history of South Asian migration in the United States.


Manufacturing "Homegrown Terrorism"

Revelations of the NYPD’s surveillance of American Muslims have rocked communities in New York. But surveillance is just part of the story, as the shocking new book, The Terror Factory; Inside the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism reveals. The FBI and local law enforcement have repeatedly deployed paid informants and undercover agents to communities with the apparent intention of smoking out would-be terrorists. But the result is irrational and often tragic: young men are convicted and sent to prison for life or sentences that span decades, for "terrorist plots" manufactured by the government. We talk with author Trevor Aaronson, who has written for Mother Jones.


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