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Special Hour: Crisis in Korea - Twenty Years in the Making

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Crisis in Korea - Twenty Years in the Making

"Bomb North Korea before it's too late" was the title of a recent New York Times op-ed.  As the drumbeat of war crescendos on the Korean peninsula, we bring together leading experts and activists to discuss what's really happening - from the failure of the past twenty years of denuclearization talks, to the deleterious impact of decades of sanctions on the people of North Korea.  Nodutdol, a New York City-based grassroots organization that works for peace and demilitarization of the Korean peninsula, teams up with APF to produce this timely roundtable.


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Rethinking North Korea's Human Rights

Our only source of information on human rights in North Korea is testimonies of defectors and former detainees. Is this skewing our concept of the ground realities? We are told the only possible solution to human rights violations in North Korea is tougher sanctions - what humanitarian relief manager Ken Isaacs calls "starvation as a foreign diplomacy tool." Betsy Yoon of Nodutdol guest-hosts the second-part of this roundtable discussion - a critical rethinking about human rights in North Korea.


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Korean American Voices for Peace

As tensions mount on the Korean peninsula, largely missing from the public discussion are the voices of progressive Korean Americans. Here are voices of Korean Americans from across the country - discussing their views on the threat of war in Korea and their desire for peace and reunification. Danny Kim helped to produce this segment.

Thanks to Doug Hong, Debby Cho, Sarah Ahn, Sooyoung Lee, Kyung-hee Lee, Miriam Ching Yu Louie, Katie Hae Leo, Sunyoung, Hae Won, Gonji, Marie, Lindsey, Judy, Jeanne, Io, Hyejin, Eugene, Rev Tong-kyun Kim, Doogi Kim, Heng-gil Han, and Taehyun Kim for participating.

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