Shows: June 10, 2013

Photo for 'A Life in Activism: A Conversation with Ninotchka Rosca'

A Life in Activism: A Conversation with Ninotchka Rosca

Join us tonight for a special one-hour show with Filipina writer, feminist and activist Ninotchka Rosca. An organizer and award-winning novelist, she joins us live in the studio for an extended conversation about transnational feminism, multiracial and multiethnic organizing in the United States, and how she connects her fiction writing and journalism with her non-literary work. She is a founder of GABRIELA Network (GabNet), a U.S.-based Filipina women's solidarity group, which has evolved into AF3IRM, a nationwide anti-imperialist, transnational feminist women’s organization. Her books include State of War and Twice Blessed, which won the 1993 American Book Award.

"...the patriarchal insistence on separating the category 'women' from the category 'people' such that women's liberation is very often juxtaposed, contrasted or even counterposed to people's liberation. In this view, women's liberation is reduced to a very thin layer of gender issues rather than viewed as a comprehensive resolution of a complex set of contradictions affecting women—contradictions which taken as a whole actually condemn class society and demand its transformation."

—Ninotchka Rosca, “Socialism is Feminist” panel at the 2013 Left Forum


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