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Flushing Strong!

A historic Queens neighborhood with a diverse ethnic and religious population and a bustling business district, Flushing is one of New York's dynamic and rapidly changing immigrant communities. Despite sustaining a vibrant economy, the local community has had very little input in the neighborhood's development projects and small business owners face inadequate support and resources from the City. We speak with John Choe at One Flushing--a recently formed community-based economic development organization--about the challenging conditions for the small and local businesses, how the neighborhood is experiencing major business developments, and efforts to create a strong community voice of local businesses and residents which include a project to create Flushing's first community mural.


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Oliver Stone Joins Jeju Naval Base Protest

Last month, film director Oliver Stone visited Jeju and met with Korean activists on the famous South Korean island. Stone joins a growing international solidarity movement which includes Gloria Steinem and Noam Chomsky to support the small village of Gangjeong in its peaceful struggle against a huge naval base being built by the South Korean government. We listen to Stone speaking at a Jeju rally where he addresses the detrimental consequences of building one of the most advanced naval bases in Asia on the "Island of Peace" for the village as well as for the entire Asia Pacific region. We'll also listen to our earlier interview with Christine Ahn of the Korea Policy Institute who provides more background on the situation and describes the strong resistance led by the villagers which continues after seven years.

For more information on the Jeju naval base struggle, visit Save Jeju Now.


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