Shows: September 16, 2013

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Queer Iran

As the LGBT community builds its political power in the U.S., attention has turned to supporting movements worldwide. A recent conference at CUNY, Homonationalism and Pinkwashing Conference, explored how mainstream LGBT advocacy participates in imperialist projects across the globe. We'll air a part of a panel entitled, Queer Iran, to learn from the Raha Iranian Feminist Collective about the do's and don'ts for activists engaging in solidarity work with their queer Iranian comrades.

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An Ode to Queens

Writer and poet Bushra Rehman assembled an evening's ode to her native Queens, in conjunction with the release of her new novel, Corona. A multi-media presentation, Rehman and fellow artists shared stories swirling through close-knit communities of the South Asian diaspora in the city's most diverse borough. The Asian American Writers' Workshop hosted the event along with the South Asian Women's Creative Collective. Join us for memories of childhood sweeties, illicit porn stashes, family secrets, and final goodbyes.

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