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Brighton Beach, October 2013

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Sandy Survivors in Brighton Beach, A Year Later

In November, APF's Leyla Mei went to Staten Island to document the stories of Sandy survivors who lost their homes and business properties in the storm. This month, APF's post-Sandy coverage follows two Filipino American families in the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn. After hearing from a friend that there were Filipino Americans in Brighton Beach with flooded basement apartments, community organizer Cris Hilo of Operation Kaligtasan traveled to Brighton Beach and knocked on doors to assess needs and offer assistance. Brighton Beach is located in a community district where 78% of the population lives in rental housing. APF's Zhaleh Afshar talks to two fathers, Marlon Perez and Ben Tioseco, about life after the storm and how they are moving forward after their families were displaced from their rental units.


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Korean American Voices for Peace

With the holiday season approaching, we rebroadcast APF's Hyun Lee's piece that features calls for peace in the Korean peninsula. As tensions mount on the Korean peninsula, largely missing from the public discussion are the voices of progressive Korean Americans. Here are voices of Korean Americans from across the country - discussing their views on the threat of war in Korea and their desire for peace and reunification. APF's Danny Kim helped to produce this segment.

Thanks to Doug Hong, Debby Cho, Sarah Ahn, Sooyoung Lee, Kyung-hee Lee, Miriam Ching Yu Louie, Katie Hae Leo, Sunyoung, Hae Won, Gonji, Marie, Lindsey, Judy, Jeanne, Io, Hyejin, Eugene, Rev Tong-kyun Kim, Doogi Kim, Heng-gil Han, and Taehyun Kim for participating.

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Remembering Nelson Mandela

Audio not available
On December 5, Nelson Mandela passed away in South Africa. Tonight, we remember the anti-apartheid leader and former President of South Africa through song.


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