Shows: December 30, 2013

Photo for 'APF Arts & Culture 2013'
Best of Arts & Culture from 2013!

APF Arts & Culture 2013

We bring you encore presentations of some of our favorite arts and culture segments from the past year.

LGBTQ Korean Americans
APF’s Hyun Lee and Mijoung Chang sat down with members of The Dari Project (“bridge” in Korean), a community-based project created to increase awareness and acceptance of LGBTQ Koreans by sharing personal stories and providing bilingual, culturally sensitive resources.

Red Baraat’s Brave New Beat
Red Baraat’s distinctive sound blends North Indian bhangra rhythms, hip hop beats, and jazz and funk inflections by combining the dhol, an Indian double-sided drum, with horns, vocals, and percussion. APF’s Saara Azadi spoke with band members Sunny Jain and MiWi La Lupa about their musical influences, how their sound and lineup evolved, and their deep love of New Orleans.

American Revolutionary: A New Documentary on Grace Lee Boggs
At 98 years of age, legendary activist Grace Lee Boggs continues to mentor young people and inspire seasoned organizers with her vision of revolutionary change. A new documentary by director Grace Lee looks at Boggs’s life through her radical ideas. APF producers Danny Kim and Leyla Mei attended a screening of American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs in NYC, where they spoke to the filmmaker and audience members about what Boggs means to them.

This program is brought to you by Leyla Mei of the APF collective.

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