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Photo for 'India's Anti-Rape Movement'
Justice4Sangeeta protestors in NYC

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India's Anti-Rape Movement

We rebroadcast Aniruddha Das' January 14, 2013 segment on protests in Delhi and across India in response to the horrific gang rape of a young woman on a bus, and the government's reaction. We bring you a report back from the heart of the protest, with Mallika Dutt, founder and president of the international women's and human rights organization Breakthrough. Amrita Basu, gender and women's studies professor at Amherst College, joins us to discuss the growing anti-rape movement in India.


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South Asian Domestic Workers Claim Their Rights

India-US diplomatic relations are experiencing some turbulence following the arrest of diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York City in December, 2013. Khobragade allegedly underpaid her housekeeper and is accused of visa fraud. Tonight we will hear from people working to help domestic workers organize and resist in creative ways. We will be joined by former domestic worker, Nahar Alam who founded Andolan, a South Asian workers organization in Queens, and Yalinidream, an artist who worked with the women of Andolan for one year to create their first theatre piece. Alam and Yalinidream will share stories of South Asian domestic workers' resistance and organizing and talk about the documentary Claiming Our Voice, that features them both.


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Gaiutra Bahadur at the Page Turner Festival

In October, Gaiutra Bahadur spoke on a panel presented by the Asian American Writer's Workshop's Page Turner literary festival. In a sweeping work of historical narrative, Gaiutra Bahadur traces the steps of her great grandmother’s voyage from colonial India to Guiana as a so-called “coolie” or indentured servant. Through meticulous research and raw storytelling, Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture, recasts a humble woman’s life of hardship in a fresh light, exploring the crossroads between Asian migration and slavery, revealing how gender and sexuality intersected with the social turmoil of the emergent Indian diaspora. We’ll also hear a clip from a panel discussion with authors Raquel Cepeda and Vivek Bald, who have told their own stories by weaving the history of their diaspora with their own personal migration experiences, moderated by Carolina Gonzalez. This segment was produced and edited by APF's Michelle Chen.


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