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Photo for 'Speech, Chant, Manifesto: The Words of the Asian American Movement'
Cartoon by Mana Nayestani

Speech, Chant, Manifesto: The Words of the Asian American Movement

As the exhibit "Serve the People: Asian American Movement in New York" wrapped up at the Interference Archive this month, a group of local Asian American artists and activists dedicated a tribute to the voices of Asian American activists of the 1970s. The local artists and activists put together a performance piece inspired by the archived material presented in the exhibit, while reflecting on how the history of the Asian American movement in New York City impacts the generations that follow. The segment features selected recordings of the performance, which was entitled, Speech, Chant, Manifesto: The Words of the Asian American Movement.


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New Book Looks at the 1990s Asian American Arts and Community

The Asian American Literary Review's latest publication entitled "Local/Express: Asian American Arts and Community 90s NYC", is a new chronicle of writers, artists and activists in the Clinton era- before 9/11 and Facebook, as well as in the midst of the budding days of the Asian American Writer's Workshop and protests against casting in Miss Saigon.

Local/Express is edited by Curtis Chin, Terry Hong and Parag Rajendra Khandhar, with a foreword by Jeff Yang. On Wednesday, March 19, the AALR hosted a reading and open mic at DUMBO Sky in Brooklyn. APF spoke to some of the contributors, including Swati Marquez, Cathy Lihn Che and Eugenia Leigh.

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Iranian Women's Rights Under Sanctions

This past International Women's Day, members of Raha Iranian Feminist Collective offered reflections on the state of women and organizing in Iran. We'll air highlights from their annual celebration, including personal anecdotes about resisting patriarchy, analysis about the new political landscape under the recently-elected president, and discussion of the ongoing impacts of international sanctions on movements for social change and economic justice.

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