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Fred Ho's Jazz Revolution: Not Your Asian Sideman

Fred Ho, a self-described “revolutionary matriarchal socialist and aspiring Luddite,” ended his 8-year fight against metastatic colorectal cancer on Saturday, April 12, 2014. He was a baritone saxophonist, composer, writer, producer, political activist and founder of several musical ensembles including the Green Monster Big Band and the Eco-Music Big Band. We spoke with the new lead of the Green Monster Big Band and Eco-Music Big Band, Marie Incontrera; trumpet players Winston Byrd and Nabate Isles; and guitarist Amanda Ruzzo. With titles such as “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”, “Blues to the Freedom Fighter,” “The Struggle for a New World Suite,” bandmates share Mr. Ho’s respect for musical tradition yet unorthodox color and wit that he brought to his arrangements.

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Corruption and Anti-Corruption in China and India

China and India are profoundly different rising powers, but they share a tradition of corruption. The New School's India-China Institute recently brought hosted a panel discussion on corruption and anti-corruption movements in China and India, as well as political reform efforts in both countries, particularly in light of India's fraught electoral politics.

Featuring Dissent Magazine contributor Mehboob Jeelani, Dissent Magazine Editorial Member Jeff Wasserstrom, The New Yorker Contributor Jiayang Fan, and Jonathan Shainin, Web editor at The New Yorker. The event was moderated by ICI Academic Co-Director Mark Frazier.

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Vijay Sheshadri

A reading of a poem by this year’s Pulitzer Prize winner in poetry, a local Brooklynite, Vijay Seshadri.

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