Shows: June 16, 2014

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Grace Lee Boggs via Facebook
Looking Back and Forward with Two Movement Elders

Grace Lee Boggs and the Next American Revolution

Grace Lee Boggs has been an activist longer than most of us have been alive. She cut her teeth as a young philosopher turned feminist during the 1940s, during the emergence of the black civil rights struggle during World War II, and she went on to become one of Detroit’s leading activists, along with her husband, labor and civil rights activist James Boggs. The daughter of a Chinese American restaurant owner, she may seem an unlikely ally in of the black liberation struggle, but she has been long served as a steward of the black power movement as well as new currents of racial justice activism today. She joined us from her adopted hometown Detroit, where she is developing new political philosophy that she terms “the Next American Revolution,” which she has recently turned into a book and a documentary.


From the Archives: Remembering Yuri Kochiyama

On June 1, we lost one of our most iconic movement elders, Yuri Kochiyama. In her long career of activism, the indefatigable nisei freedom fighter mobilized for about half a century against racism and segregation, for peace and an end to US militarism, and for economic justice in the country’s most disenfranchised and marginalized communities. Her cross-cultural, cross-racial organizing work was thrust into the spotlight unexpectedly by her appearance in the famous photo of the scene of Malcolm X’s assassination, but she went on to blaze new trails in her own right. We now bring you an exclusive interview that Kochiyama did back in 2004 at age 83, just after she published her memoir, Passing it On, with APF alumnus and writer Andrew Hsiao. They are joined by Yuri’s granddaughter, who helped edit the memoir, for a special family perspective on what it was like growing up with this radical woman.


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