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Photo for 'INCITE! Color of Violence Reflections'
Militarism and Militarization in NYC and Abroad

INCITE! Color of Violence Reflections

On March 26-29, INCITE! a national organization of radical women of color and trans people of color, hosted Color of Violence 4-- Beyond the State: Inciting Transformative Possibilities. The conference drew over 1,000 organizers, scholars, artists and students to develop movements for community-based strategies to end domestic and sexual violence; police; police, ICE, and military violence; the prison industrial complex; economic justice; and colonial violence.

According to organizing member of INCITE! and member of the Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign; “Again and again, we have seen policing and prisons fail survivors and victims of violence, and our communities. The state has incarcerated women of color who act in self-defense, extended a culture of confinement and surveillance in our communities, enacted sexual violence against people within prisons and deportation holding facilities, and failed or refused to protect Indigenous women and women of color from violence.”

The atmosphere of the conference was a whirlwind of inspiring conversation, learning, and critical thinking and questions with women and trans people of color from throughout the country. During this broadcast, we take the opportunity to speak with two New York based organizers who presented at the INCITE! Conference. We’ll listen to their perspectives on militarism and militarization in New York City.


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Breaking the Silence on Caste-Based Sexual Violence in India

Audio from the Dalit Women's Self-Respect March presentation at INCITE! Color of Violence 4, Dalit Women’s Self-Respect March shares their experience breaking the silence on caste-based sexual violence in India. The Dalit Women’s Self Respect Movement is one of the largest movement of Dalit women to end caste-based sexual violence in Indian history. During 2014, Dalit women took their destinies in their own hands and began to march throughout India. At each stop they comforted survivors, confronted perpetrators and staged mass protests. #DalitWomenFight #DalitHistory #DalitHistoryMonth

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