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South Asians Face Being #Deported2Death

At detention centers across the country, hundreds of South Asian migrants are already experiencing what Donald Trump has threatened. They’re being deported en masse,, and advocates say that their asylum claims are being unfairly rejected despite the political persecution they face, leaving them to be quietly deported to death.

DRUM Organizer Fahd Ahmed says that about 85 detainees from South Asia have already been sent back and the US is colluding with Bangladeshi authorities to deport them despite the risk of persecution.


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Comfort Women Still Refuse to Compromise

Amid the global panic over North Korea’s suspected nuclear developments, one issue that’s lurking in the background is the legacy of World War II and the nationalistic tensions still overhanging Asia’s geopolitics. In the backdrop is the issue of the comfort women, the Korean victims of military sexual slavery who are still seeking justice 70 years later. Recently the governments of Japan and South Korea tried to put the issue to rest with a backdoor deal, but the survivor community is outraged at what they see as a deeply inadequate compensation plan intended to silence them.

Simone Chun of the Korea Policy Institute discusses how the still unresolved struggles of South Korea’s comfort women play into the Pacific rim’s politics today.


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Poetry from the Edge: Asian American Writer's Workshop


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Seafood Slavery

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An exclusive clip of a new Al Jazeera Faultlines documentary exposing forced labor and rampant human rights violations in the West's seafood supply chain, tracing US shrimp down to Thai fisheries.

To learn more go to Seafood Slaves on AJE Faultlines.

Special thanks to Faultlines producer Sam Black.

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