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Empire and the Racialization, Sexualization, and Prostitution of Asian Women

Interview with AF3IRM and Asian Women for Equality Society post-World Social Forum roundtable on the relationship between imperialism and prostitution.


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"From Africa to the Americas, Women Fighting for their Rights"- An Excerpt from the World Social Forum 2016

An audio excerpt from the August 12 Grand Conference: "From Africa to the Americas, Women Fighting for their Rights" at the 2016 World Social Forum in Montreal, Quebec. We listen to Shalmali Guttal discuss the activism in Asia-- the Philippines, India, Cambodia, and Thailand. And we end with a letter read aloud by Bertita Caceres, whose mother, Berta Caceres, Honduran indigenous rights leader, was assassinated earlier this year.

Started in 2001 in Brazil, the World Social Forum brings together in each of its edition tens of thousands of participants to more than a thousand activities (workshops, conferences, artistic performances …) on various themes (social, solidarity economy, environment, human rights, democratization … ).

Shalmali Guttal is the Executive Director and has worked with Focus on the Global South since 1997. She has worked in India, the United States, and mainland Southeast Asia. Her academic background is in the social sciences with particular emphasis on participatory education and qualitative research. Since 1991, she has been researching and writing about economic development, trade and investment, and ecological and social justice issues in Asia - especially the Mekong region and India - with emphasis on peoples' and women's rights to resources.

"Remixing Guantanamo Bay: An Interview with Poet Phil Metres" by the Asian American Writer's Workshop (AAWW)

AAWW Executive Director Ken Chen interviews Phil Metres, acclaimed poet and translator, on Islamophobia, Palestine, and his new book Sand Opera, which remixes the War on Terror. This was the first installment of AAWW TV posted on YouTube, filmed before a live studio audience in Guangzhou, China.

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