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One Year After the Election

In the past year since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, we have seen Immigration bans, racist legislation, emboldened white supremacists, attempt after attempt attempt to roll back hard earned rights of marginalized communities—some unfortunately, successful.

As we near the anniversary of the election, we reflected on the past year and the challenges in addition to the resilience born out of Asian American feminism with Julie Kim, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum NYC board member.


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Romance in the Time of Globalization: Marriage, Migration, Divorce

Marriage, migration, and divorce have posed significant concerns for transnational women of color and in the throes of globalization, the mail order bride industry, labor, and sex trafficking underlie the continued assault on transnational women and women of color in their homes, communities, and in the lands which they have been dispossessed. Song Kim, Anti-Trafficking Attorney and Maryam Arif, International Human Rights Lawyer will share their insights on how the personal becomes political in the age of xenophobia and as women, what it means to understand our rights and our powers. Dorotea Mendoza, author, will read an excerpt from Export Quality: Monologues (loosely) based on True Stories of Mail Order Brides from the Philippines.

The "Romance in the Time of Globalization: Marriage, Migration, Divorce" was a workshop at AF3IRM NYC's Centershift II: Roots and Routes Summit and was facilitated by Olivia Canlas, APF Radio Collective Member and National Education Director of AF3IRM.


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Remembering Fay Chiang

On October 20, poet and activist Fay Chiang passed away. Chiang was a fixture in the New York Asian American arts and culture scene. To remember her and her work, we'll be sharing an excerpt of her poem, "Chinatown."

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