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Small Island Big Song

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Asia Pacific Forum speaks with Bao Bao Chen and Tim Cole of Small Island Big Song, a music project that traces the song lines of Pacific and Indian Ocean Islanders from over sixteen island nations spanning from Madagascar to Hawai’i and from New Zealand to Taiwan. The duo discusses following the voyages of the oceanic seafarers and the ancestral knowledge transmitted through these song lines, and the meaning it takes in the face of climate change.


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A World Without Bars

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On August 30, Asian American Writers' Workshop hosted a book drive in partnership with NYC Books Through Bars to mark the launch of A World Without Cages—AAWW’s new series of stories and workshops that bring together voices from jail, prison, and immigrant detention. Victoria Law, a co-founder of NYC BTB who has written about incarceration for more than a decade, co-hosted the event with Daniel A. Gross, Prisons Editor at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop. They read letters from incarcerated readers and writers and talked about new and pressing threats to freedom of expression behind bars. Then other activists and formerly incarcerated people read letters and presented their experiences.

The audio excerpt is from AAWW's "Prisons Initiative Book Drive".

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