Shows: March 20, 2007

Photo for 'ENGENDERING COLONIALISM: Colonialism and Pilipina Women'

ENGENDERING COLONIALISM: Colonialism and Pilipina Women

In 1898 the U.S. seized control of Hawai'i, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, as well as Guam and American Samoa. We often hear about historical and contemporary colonialism, but rarely discuss the devastating effects of colonialism on women. On Sunday, March 25, the Socialist Party USA Greater NYC Local, GABRIELA Network USA, Hawai'i Solidarity Committee, and the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign, will screen Engendering Colonialism: The Effect of 100 Years of U.S. Colonialism on Women in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and The Philippines in observance of International Women's Day. The film takes a look at how U.S. colonialism specifically impacts the lives of women, and women's resistance to that colonialism. We will talk to JESSE LOKAHI HEIWA, ONA MIRKINSON, and LEAH SICAT about the film, and the issues that it raises, with a focus on Spanish and American colonialism's historic and ongoing effects on the lives of Pilipina women.


Blogging Transracial Adoption

What is the connection between experiments conducted by psychologist Harry Harlow on monkeys and attachment in the 1950s and the contemporary experience of transracial adoption? To answer this and more, we turn to JAE RAN KIM, social worker, teacher, writer, transracial adoptee and author of the popular blog, Harlow's Monkey: Experiencing the Social Experiment of Transracial and Transnational Adoption.


Imprisoned Indian Guest Workers in Mississippi

Last week, six Indian guest workers were imprisoned in Pascagoula, Mississippi for agitating against poor working conditions at Signal International LLC, a marine fabrication company. They were part of a group of more than 200 Indian workers who paid between $15,000 and $20,000 to come to the US to work as welders and fitters, wooed by the promise of green cards. However, the reality turned out to be substandard housing conditions, poor pay, and violence, with last week's company raid on a worker camp. Thanks to ongoing organizing efforts, the six imprisoned workers have been released, but now fired for their organizing activities and other workers continue to be threatened. For an update on the situation in Mississippi, we turn to VICKY CINTRA, Organizing Coordinator at the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance


ISHLE PARK: Live in the Studio for Song and Conversation

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall is wrapping up her search for the 2007 Queens Poet Laureate, a three-year honorary position designed to promote appreciation for poetry in Queens. We will hear song from and talk to ISHLE YI PARK, the first Asian-American to hold this honor, as she finishes her era as the third Poet Laureate of Queens.


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