Shows: June 26, 2007

Photo for 'SOUTH ASIANS FOR OBAMA: But Does it Work the Other Way Around Too?'

SOUTH ASIANS FOR OBAMA: But Does it Work the Other Way Around Too?

Early last week, presidential hopefully Barack Obama came under fire
for a memorandum his campaign released, referring to Hillary Clinton
as a Democrat from Punjab and criticizing her "pro-India" positions on outsourcing. Obama has since apologized for the "caustic" tone of the memo, but this has raised a larger issue of what a "pro-India"
position or even a "pro-America" position means in the outsourcing
debate. Based on the heated discussions over the Internet, the Indian-American community appears split on the issue. To help us sort
through the rhetoric and politics, we will be joined in the studio by
South Asians for Obama member UDAI TAMBAR and Professor DEVESH KAPUR.


BETWEEN THE LINES: The Administration, Guantanamo, and Outsourcing Torture

At the end of last week, Lt. Col. Stephen Abraham, an Army lawyer and
former member of a Combatant Status Review Tribunal, made waves when
he submitted a sworn statement to a federal appeals court calling the
CSRT – the mechanism set up for detainees as a substitute for legal
course in American courts –“fundamentally flawed.” We will talk to LYNNE KATES about Abraham’s statement and the seemingly renewed
attention within the Bush Administration on the possibility of closing down Guantanamo Bay. We’ll also hear from her about CCR’s new report “Off the Record: U.S. Responsibility for Enforced Disappearances in the ‘War on Terror,’” and what the closing of Guantanamo Bay might mean for the Administration’s anti-terrorism policies.


TUNES AND TALKS: A Conversation with Blue Scholars

Finally, we will be joined in the studio by emcee Geologic and
DJ/producer Sabzi of the Seattle-based conscious hip-hop group BLUE
SCHOLARS. We'll play some tracks from their brand new album Bayani
and discuss their roots, influences, and upcoming NYC shows.

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