Shows: July 31, 2007

Photo for '19-Year Old Sri Lankan Worker Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia'
Parents of Rizana Nafeek

19-Year Old Sri Lankan Worker Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia

Last month, a Shari'a court in Dawadmi, Saudi Arabia, sentenced Sri Lankan domestic worker, Rizana Nafeek to death. At the age of 17, Rizana had been employed as a babysitter for just two weeks when her employers' 4-month old baby died. Rizana was sentenced to death despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is a state party to the Convention of the Rights of the Child which expressly prohibits the death penalty for those under 18. Human Rights Watch Senior Researcher NISHA VARIA joins us to give an update on the international advocacy to demand a fair appeal for Rizana and to provide us some context about the situation of Sri Lankan migrant workers in Saudi Arabia.


Behind the "Made in China" Scare

The past week has been filled with headlines about toxic toothpaste, deadly toys, and wheat gluten-infested pet food. FOX News, NPR and CNN all report that the American public should be wary of food labeled "Made in China," with threats ranging from substandard ingredients to health violations. Is there more to this story - beyond dangerous foreign products infiltrating our neighborhood grocery stores and Walmarts? To take us behind the scenes, we speak with Professor PETER KWONG, an expert on labor and immigrant issues in the Asian American community.


4th Annual APIA Spoken Word & Poetry Summit

In our final segment, we preview a 3 day- event coming to New York this week, the annual Asian Pacific Islander American Spoken Word and Poetry Summit. Each year the Summit brings together APIA spoken word artists, performers, writers, community leaders, and arts educators to celebrate the arts as a critical, elemental component in building, empowering and transforming the community. We will be joined in the studio by community artist/activist/educators GEO and HANALEI RAMOS.


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